Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Flesh and Bone.

 Zygomatic Brawlgown- £1200

Obscure Couture- nominee for best young designer of the year in Scotland. It would come as no surprise if they were to win with their individual and extravagant persona. The mix between street and stage-wear they create brings something refreshing to the fashion market, not only is it refreshing to the market it is also accessible. Every season a couture range and a RTW collection is bought out to suit all needs. Fabrics consisting of French lace, pure wool and gold foiled pigskin. They go my the moto- “we don't follow trend books, we follow our instincts!” this is highly portrayed within the clothing, if you dare to look there are some samples on this post. 

Articular Union Jack Leggings

Trapezium Vest

Charm Bracelet

Palatine Coat

Meniscus Cobweb Cardi

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