Monday, 14 November 2011

Fashion in other eyes.

Today, a Southampton variety voiced their opinion on what fashion means to them.

“I generally keep to my dress code from work which is at Warren James, so black and white/smart is always on the agenda” work uniform and smart wear is becoming more common than casual wear and often more fashionable, proved by Beki Taylore, 20 years old. Similarly Joseph Parker explained: “Mixing a smart turn on English heritage theme with a contemporary twist gives me the classy blazer and stylish chino look”.

There is  a pattern with favourite key items in the publics wardrobe. Joseph Parker who studied Graphic Design said: “My Zara suit jacket is my most loved item at the moment as it sets off any outfit”.  Emma Cooper, 18 years old echoed: “Skinny Jeans will always be a key item, makes any outfit match”. Ginette Main a 30 year old publican admitted: “I could not survive without my black wrap dress which to the eye, slims me”. The mum of three, conscious of her weight, added: “Whenever I put weight on the black dress gives me the motivation to lose weight. The best thing about the dress, is that I can dress it down and dress it up”. Finally Tommy Moyce who spent £80-£150 on clothes last month proudly said: “I cannot live without my Vans, because they are my most recent and most worn buy so far, they also go with mostly everything in my wardrobe”. Evidently items that were versatile were key items of clothing that the public couldn’t live without.

Emma Cooper a student studying Fashion Marketing revealed: “I admire Fearne Cotton for clashing patterns and colours, something that I have emulated in my own style, I also love her vintage trends and rocky personality”. Whereas Beki Taylore commented on influential fashion idols as: “I don’t exactly have a fashion idol per say, if I see someone wearing something in the street and I like it, I will try and incorporate it into my own style. Working in the town, I see a lot of different styles, which helps”. Equivalently Joseph Parker, a 20 year old, Graphic Design Student and Tommy Moyce, a 24 year old, exercise teacher from Southampton  both quoted how no fashion icon is influential to them but technology forms help aid their style. Joseph Parker said: “GQ magazine and TV helps me with my decision on clothes”. Tommy Moyce said: “TV helps massively with style, the programme Skins that featured ‘Cook’ influenced my style for a long period”.

Smart and stylish Beki Taylore acknowledged: “I think a lot of different things form fashion, music culture is a big one and I think most of the style we see today is heavily influenced from historical fashion from back in the 20’s up to the 90’s”. But not everybody would read with this view. Basingstoke based, Ginette Main explained how she thought marketing played a part in forming fashion…“Shops promote new styles and trends, and what more of an accessible way to enter in to fashion than take a walk down the high street”.


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