Monday, 21 November 2011

Talk That Talk.

So today sees in the new album of Rihanna. Amazing I must say!
Not that I want to talk about her music- her clothes go through a funfair of changes, one of my favourite styles was when she boasted her loud album through her look. She showed the world that clashing is the way forward- pink and red had never looked so good together. Putting her own edge on sweet girly garments made me fall in love! Tight bralets? Tick. Flowy floral mini’s? Tick. Knee high socks? Tick- A match made in heaven?! Oh and the backdrops of pink fields and millions of different colour roses? Fair to say I am hundred percent jealous.

However a new album brings in a new style and controversy with that. We had a small taste of it in her past album but this time the new album freely has the line ‘suck my cockiness and lick my persuasion,’whatever Rihanna does- it works. The style bought now is current and out there, a rocky theme mixed with vintage. The doc martins, suspenders and stupidly large denim jacket look is something we have seen before, but Rihanna just works it so utterly well. I'm sure this is will be a look that will fill magazines to come in the next year, Thankyou Rihanna!

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