Monday, 14 November 2011


We at Franky are taking a peculiar liking to the matchup between Sass and Bide and River Island this season, a Mexican wear or a Franky love?…we bring you the blanket poncho. Of course, we want to spoil you and introduce different styles which are imprinted on this new buy and items to go lovingly together.

In our escaping way yet high street obsessed personality, we thought it would be a bloody good idea to give you a taster of Sass and Bide’s cultural influences from Africa and South America, yet show all of you the way to emulate the look without entering the overdraft. Although the collection features our edgy flair, a feel of relaxed and calm remains.  Similarly, River Island’s Aztec woolly jumpers and ponchos have a relaxed and comfortable touch but feature a pretty cool edge.

Sass and Bide

River Island

Sass and Bide’s motive for the collection was aimed at the ‘curious and creative’, we thought perfect for our readers. We know at Franky, we wouldn’t usually feature a higher end designer collection like Sass and Bide but we wanted to show off how undeniably Sass and Bide are at the top of their game with recent collections.

River Island and Sass and Bide being our main focus point at the minute, we couldn’t help but scan our way through high-street super buys still, luckily we did, as we found an amazing poncho blanket for an outrageously cheap £10 at Primark.  Due to that find, we advise you fall in love with Sass and Bide and River Island, as well as broadening your horizon to the variety extravaganza that is the high street.

Due to the amount of Aztec material on the high street and catwalk this A/W, the range varies from dresses to coats and everything in between. Therefore we thought it would be ideal to create a one-off fashion extend, this meaning that clothes designed for A/W  being continued into Spring season, a A/W/A if you will!

The team at Franky, have thought up a decent idea to get you readers to send in your pictures rocking our ‘Sass and Bide goes high street’ look. Our wished-for trend would definitely have to be Aztec against rocking reds, leather motorcycle jackets layered over the top and beehive’s piled on top of the head.  

One look at your outfits and you’ll never want to change. We at Franky, hope you carry on using high street at its exceptional best, waiting for us to throw another trend in the mix!


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