Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Casual Cheetah.

Coat- River Island £64.99 (20% off)
Shirt- H+M £14.99
 Top- Urban Outfitters £10
Leggings- Primark £6
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell £40 (Sale)

The coat featured at the top was purchased with a lot of luck. I had seen this gobsmacking coat in River Island a million times and fell in love with it every single time my eyes laid eyes on it. I had to have it but at the time I was planning on buying my white Caggie Dunlop blazer for £50 from there so I had to make the most heart breaking decision between them both. A couple of days later I came across a flyer for West Quay Southampton student discount event. This event was too good to be true, amazing discount of shops such as Office, River Island, Republic, Topshop, literally every shop you could think of. In my luck, River Island had 20% off, therefore I came to the typical addicted to shopping decision and bought both. These both now hang on special hangers in a special part of my wardrobe (so so sad!)
The white chiffon shirt is a bargain for how versatile it can be, I love wearing it with my wet look leggings and chunky brown heels (picture to come)
The boots I have posted about before, they are my new found love but I unfortunately had to get the size down from me as the five weren't available, I can't physically deal with the pain for too long. I wear them on short occasions and I love how they get noticed! Such cute boots.


  1. so cute, love the boots x


  2. I like the fur design in the jacket a lot


  3. cool boots!
    kisses from Spain,

  4. Thank you for the comments! the boots and coat are my babies!
    i'm now following you all :)

  5. £40 that ain't a sale!I'm joking babes there gorge I'm just jel,can't wait for our next photowhorefest you can wear them then <3

  6. from £120!!! are you mad!
    cannot wait for another post about us together
    miss your

  7. Love everythign about this outfit!


  8. ahhh thank you!
    follow please :)
    just followed you :) cool blog