Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Versace? no no.

Top- £26 Syd and Mallory
Skirt- £14.99 H+M
Leggings- £18 Topshop
Boots- £64.99 River Island

Going to meet up with my girls today, we're not sure whether it is going to be a lunch or coffee date so I decided on this look. I feel it conveys a splash of vibrancy mixed with street wear. The funny things about these leggings is that I almost get a smug look across my face every time I put them on; if I could have a pound for every time someone has come up to me and said "Oh my god, you have Versace leggings on!!!" I would seriously be rich. I no longer have the heart to respond with "Ummm..they're from topshop?" 


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  2. great leggings! really adds to an outfit


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