Thursday, 16 February 2012

A special occasion.

Shirt- Asos £34
Leggings- Topshop £22
Heels- River Island £75
Headband- Vintage Free

Tonight is a rather special post, currently blogging whilst chilling in a queen size bed in a superior four poster bedroom- thanks to my mummy! Basically i'm home for her baby shower (organised by me and kept secret which is the biggest shock) she is so cute at the moment with her gigantic bump- she is a month off popping! 
I find it a bit strange wearing all black, I'm just not that sort of girl (especially to a baby shower) but I was finding it so hard to find a blimmin' outfit that I put this together, instantly falling in love with it. Me and a few of the girls went for drinks after the baby shower so my AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS heels were brought off the shoe wall. The heels are also named 'Caggie' in River Island therefore it was obviously fate and I had to have them! 
These leggings I had been desperate for over months and months. Topshop sold out for ages and Ebay was going mad for them due to there matt coating rather than the shiny look wet look leggings usually give off. On the one off occasion of going into Topshop last week due to my serious bankruptcy, I thought I'd break my heart that little bit more. To my surprise, I found the leggings, so so so happy that I bought them and resorted in eating 11p noodles from asda for the week..SO worth it!
I also love the stretchy headband, I can wear it round my fringe or a ponytail...a new fave. Lastly the shirt collar and shoulder cut outs are so edgy it makes me have a bit of a soft spot for it!  Only problem is I don't think I can pull off the shirt done all the way up to the top look?